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The right Support in the Fastest Way


New Platform for Product Documentation and Online Help

With its new website the BST Group strikes a new way to support their customers. Via this website customers, e.g. technicians or machine operators, can find quickly and easily different information about the wide product portfolio of the BST Group (e.g. installation manuals, installation videos or data sheets) and much more for online help. If customers need more help, they can also get in contact with the BST Group helpdesk department via the

Also the access to the platform is very easy: users only need a PC or smartphone with access to the internet. For smartphone users the access is much more easier, because BST incorporates two-dimensional QR codes into the user interface of its new products. The codes can be scanned by machine operators for direct access to the digital system operating instructions and setup videos. The corresponding pages of the digital operating instructions open immediately, depending on where in the menu the machine operators scan the codes. The intelligent application also uses the system settings of the mobile device to automatically detect which language version to launch. What’s even better is that machine operators do not need a special app or software to swiftly access straightforward answers to their questions. All they need is a QR code scanner on their mobile device. BST is here using standard technology to make its quality assurance systems even easier for its customers to use. This is another example of how the company considers the process as a whole and makes full use of the technical possibilities now available for the benefit of its customers.