BST eltromat celebrated it's 10th Anniversary


BST eltromat International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd established in February 14 2007.  In China's culture, "ten" means "perfect".

In this ten anniversary party,our many distinguished guests attend this celebrating meeting:

Mr. Marc Nedecky (Chief Financial Officer of ELEXIS GROUP), Mr. Armin Maes (Purchasing Director of ELEXIS GROUP), Mr. Sajid Malik (Vice President Sales Asia Pacific of BST eltromat Int), Mrs. Meyer Wu (General Manager Assistant of EMG Beijing), Mr. Liu Hao (General Manager of EMG Beijing), Mr. Danny Chan (Founders and shareholders of GME), Mr. Leo Huang (General Manager of GME), Mrs. Sukie Chen (Vice General Manager of GME).

Congratulations to BST eltromat (Shanghai) 10th Anniversary. We wish BST eltromat Shanghai the best future and continue to make greater success in the next ten years.